Within the IT Architect Limited Online Control Panel, there is also a set of Advanced Applications. They are built for cloud hosting customers that are familiar with managing their cloud hosting setting. Still, thanks to the simple to use interface of the Online Control Panel, they’re just simple to manage, even for beginners. Also, we have designed a selection of descriptive how–to courses that can help inexperienced clients immediately discover how to work with the tools!

Hotlink Protection

Defend yourself against data transfer theft

Any time you come up with authentic content for your personal web site, one must always protect it from those who want to use it without the need of your agreement. For this function, we’ve designed an exclusive protective tool in the IT Architect Limited Online Control Panel. Our Hotlink Protection tool was created to safeguard all of the photographs on your site from being published in different publications without your agreement.

The instrument is definitely convenient, without having configuration needed at all. All you have to conduct is just determine which domain name to secure and initialize the service.

Hotlink Protection

.htaccess generator

Auto generation of .htaccess files

Bundled inside the IT Architect Limited Online Control Panel you will find .htaccess Generator – a highly–effective instrument, which allows you to generate .htaccess files while not having to create them by yourself. Our tool involves absolutely no experience and no familiarity with .htaccess file management.

Using an .htaccess file, you can quickly divert several pages of your respective web site or, perhaps the full site to a brand new place. You can also make use of it to safeguard a folder by way of a password or even to have PHP code in HTML files, etc.

.htaccess Generator

IP blocking

Prevent malicious IPs from accessing your web site

When you’ve got top–ranked site, at some point you become a target to spammers and destructive site visitors. It’s possible to safeguard all your web sites from this sort of behavior when using the IP blocking tool built into our Online Control Panel. The tool will allow you to successfully stop an IP address or maybe an entire range of IP addresses with merely a mouse–click.

Merged with IT Architect Limited’s detailed web stats as well as our GeoIP redirection instruments, this IP Blocking tool will allow you to effectively deal with the ways to access your website.

IP Blocking

PHP configuration

Customize the PHP settings for one’s website

If ever the app you’re using needs a different PHP build, or you want to make any PHP improvements, you can quickly achieve that from the IT Architect Limited Online Control Panel. It’s possible to alter the PHP build with a click, selecting from previous PHP variants to the steady PHP release. You can even promptly alter the most essential configurations in the php.ini file, or make a full overhaul of the way your PHP version operates.

You don’t need to wait for many hours or restart anything at all for the adjustments to work. The corrections are applied live when you save them.

PHP Configuration

Cron Jobs

Generate automatic scheduled jobs

Within the IT Architect Limited Online Control Panel, we have made an effortless and user–friendly interface for creating fresh or managing established cron jobs – the Cronjob Manager. A cron job is usually a planned task – commonly a script, that is executed at pre–set periods of time. It may be a basic script for verifying whether your website is on the web, a mailing script, a site functionality record, etcetera.

You can actually set up and employ cron jobs with all the cloud hosting deals. For those who need extra cron jobs, you can buy more as an upgrade.

Cron jobs

Password Protection

Good way to defend your data files

If you wish to generate a spot within your web site that is visible only to the users you’d like, it is possible to take full advantage of our Password Protection tool. Utilizing it you can quickly start a security password protected directory which will be encrypted and available merely to you and anybody whom you share the sign in information with.

The directory is going to be guarded straight away and no person else will be able to check out exactly what is inside. You can be the sole individual who will be in the position to modify or switch it if you do not opt to authorize additional clients to get into it.

Password Protection

URL redirection

URL redirection with only a couple of clicks

If at any moment you need to direct your website to an alternative website link, it can be done quickly using the URL Redirection tool listed in the IT Architect Limited Online Control Panel. You do not have to generate a particular .htaccess file and manage complex lines of code. Everything you need to perform is choose which website to divert and precisely where you wish it to go to. Our smart system will take care of every little thing instead of you.

And, in case you don’t need the site redirection that you’ve set, you can actually revoke it with simply a click.

URL Redirection