AAAA is a domain record, which is basically the IPv6 address of the server where the domain is hosted. The IPv6 system was introduced to replace the current IPv4 system in which each Internet protocol address is made up of four groups of decimal digits which range from 1 to 255 e.g. However, an IPv6 address has 8 sets of 4 hexadecimal digits - which range from 0 to 9 and from A to F. The reason behind this modification is the considerably smaller amount of unique IPs that the present system supports and the fast increase of products that are connected to the world wide web. An example of an IPv6 address would be 2101:1f34:32e2:2415:1365:4f2b:2553:1345. If you want to point a domain address to a web server that uses this sort of an address, you need to set up an AAAA record for it, not the widespread A record, that is an IPv4 address. Both records have the very same function, yet different notations are used, to separate the two sorts of addresses.
AAAA Records in Shared Website Hosting
If you need to set up a new AAAA record a domain or subdomain hosted in your shared website hosting account, it won't take you more than a few simple steps to do that. Our in-house built Hepsia CP is extremely intuitive to use and it will enable you to set up or edit any record without difficulty. When you sign in and go to the DNS Records section, where you can find all present records for your domain addresses and subdomains, you will just have to click on the "New" button, select AAAA from a small drop-down options menu within the pop-up which will show up, enter or paste the necessary IPv6 address and save the change - it's as simple as that. The new record shall be 100% live within a maximum of one hour and the hostname you have created it for shall start opening whatever content you have with the other provider. If necessary, you are also going to be able to modify the TTL (Time To Live) value, which signifies the time in seconds which the new record will be working after you eventually change it to something different or you simply remove it.
AAAA Records in Semi-dedicated Hosting
As our advanced cloud web hosting platform supports AAAA records, you are going to be able to create one easily for every domain address or subdomain you host inside a semi-dedicated server account from our company and the new record is going to propagate within the hour, so that you can start using the services of any other provider you forward the domain/subdomain to right away. You can create the record from the DNS Records section of your Hepsia website hosting Control Panel in which you will also find all of the other records that were set up automatically or you have created manually in the past. The creation of the new AAAA record is as easy as picking the needed domain name or subdomain and the AAAA type via simple drop-down menus, inputting the IPv6 address within a text box and saving the modification. You are going to be able to change the record anytime if needed. If the other service provider needs a particular TTL value for the new record, you'll be able to modify this setting too. The Time To Live option defines how long an existing record will keep operating after you modify it or delete it and the time is in seconds.